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Life's journey is an unpredictable adventure, and I found my true passion in the most unexpected place – coding. My fascination with advancing technology and the desire to create my own online space led me to take a leap of faith and transition from an administrative background to become a web developer. In 2019, I embarked on my coding journey and through countless hours of learning and dedication, I honed my skills and, in just one year, completed both a Full Stack Bootcamp and earned a professional certificate in web development. This transformative experience not only taught me the intricacies of coding but also instilled a belief in the power of knowledge, passion, and visual storytelling to effect positive change.

As a frontend developer, I consider myself a software artisan, meticulously crafting elegant and pragmatic solutions for every task at hand. I take immense pleasure in applying responsive design principles and witnessing my web pages seamlessly adapt to various devices, a reflection of my own adaptability and creative flair.

I embrace a relentless pursuit of knowledge, constantly seeking to learn more about the ever-evolving tech environment. My curiosity and enthusiasm fuel my growth as a coder, motivating me to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry, no matter how small.

As a team player, I relish collaborating with great minds, finding inspiration from others while also inspiring them in return. Flexibility and multitasking are second nature to me, allowing me to dedicate all my focus to the projects I am passionate about. When faced with unfamiliar challenges, I embrace the opportunity to learn and grow, putting forth effort, dedication, and courage.

For the past 2+ years, I have been working as a frontend developer at Glovo, a dynamic Spanish tech company and one of Europe, Western Asia, and Africa's fastest-growing multicategory players. At Glovo, technology is the heart of our business, as we connect customers, businesses, and couriers with innovative solutions, while making a positive impact on communities and ecosystems.

My journey as a frontend developer is just beginning, and I am eager to continue pushing boundaries, creating exceptional user experiences, and contributing to the ever-evolving world of technology. Let's embark on this journey together, as we craft digital marvels that inspire and reshape the way we interact with the online world.

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